The Different Products of EZ Insurance

EZ insurance is a life insurance specialist and we help you look after what’s important in your life. For us, people are at heart of what we do, and give you alternatives when you need them the most.

Life Insurance is all about protecting the ones you love and providing them the financial security so that they are always surrounded by the warmth of your love, even in your absence.

We offer various types of life Insurance. Although you may feel life insurance covers only your life in the event of death, there are several policies you can choose from:

1. Life Insurance not just pays a lump sum amount to your family in case of death but also provides the same amount when diagnosed with any kind of terminal illness. When the worst happens, your foresight will pay off the debts, mortgage and your children can complete their education and your family’s lifestyle is secured. Thus your family can focus on supporting each other during the most difficult times rather than worry about paying the bills.

2. Critical Illness Insurance/ Terminal Illness if diagnosed or occurrence of any specific listed illnesses such as cancer or stroke. The lump sum amount gives you the flexibility at such a crucial moment. You don’t have to worry about treatment charges or recovery.

3. Income Protection Insurance provides a replacement income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. It can cover you for short or long periods and offer various waiting periods to suit your needs.

4. Permanent Disability Insurance also pays a lump sum if any disability takes place and does not allow you to ever work again. This amount takes care of your medical costs but also allows you to invest smartly, to have an annual income and maintain your lifestyle.

5. Key Person Insurance is for you or any other appointed person who is essential for the success of your business in case he/she is injured, falls sick or dies. The amount covers the ongoing costs of your business and also the losses incurred.

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